Business Analysts

DataRobot automates many of the routine tasks performed by data scientists, providing a leg up to business analysts seeking to incorporate machine learning into their current workflows. Use our free trial to see how easy it is for analysts to use machine learning to unearth new solutions to your business problems. Supercharge Your Insights.

Meet All Your Needs in a Single Tool

DataRobot is an end-to-end solution

Business analysts frequently spend significant time on preparing data for analysis. DataRobot helps streamline this task, allowing business analysts to focus on more substantive challenges that have a higher value to the business. DataRobot also features functionality across various stages of the workflow that allows key insights and predictions to be exported into traditional visualization tools or Excel.

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Deliver Predictive Insights with Confidence

Unlike visualization tools with machine learning features that only work if your problem squares precisely with the technology, DataRobot is flexible, automatically testing hundreds of advanced algorithms until it finds the right options based on the business problem you seek to solve. Along the way, DataRobot’s built-in guardrails help you identify questions or errors to help you feel more confident about your process.

Defend and Explain Your Use of AI

DataRobot has a variety of built-in systems to help you explain and defend your use of machine learning, whether to leadership, 数据科学家的合作者, or even to regulators. For example, DataRobot automatically generates customized, model-specific documentation that captures the choices you’ve made and the findings uncovered. Model blueprints are downloadable and reflect the specific steps that a model takes on the dataset, providing full transparency.

Democratize Your AI with Control

DataRobot helps support an organization’s efforts to democratize the use of AI through technological solutions that complement the organization’s policies and procedures. For example, an administrator can set controls in DataRobot that limit a user’s ability to deploy a model before it has been approved. Models can be assigned a risk level to help ensure that the bet-the-company models are appropriately vetted.

  • “DataRobot is an indispensable partner helping us maintain our reputation both internally and externally by deploying, monitoring, and governing generative AI responsibly and effectively.”
    Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas

    VP of Data Strategy, Business Intelligence, & Analytics, FordDirect

  • “The generative AI space is changing so fast but the flexibility, speed, and interoperability of DataRobot is helping us stay on the cutting edge. And, DataRobot’s team of GenAI experts have been true partners on our journey, helping us navigate the real concerns to apply generative AI in meaningful and safe ways.”
    Rosalia Tungaraza
    Rosalia Tungaraza

    Ph.D, AVP, Artificial Intelligence, Baptist Health South Florida

  • “DataRobot provides us with innovative ways to test new ideas. Given a problem and a dataset, DataRobot allows us to generate multiple prototypes 20% faster. And the process facilitates the learning evolution of our data scientists.”
    Diego J. Bodas
    Diego J. Bodas

    Director of Advanced Analytics, MAPFRE ESPAÑA

  • “The value of having a single platform that pulls all the components together can’t be underestimated. Then there’s the combination of the technology and the collaborative DataRobot team. If either one of those wasn’t there, I would have looked elsewhere.”
    Craig Civil
    Craig Civil

    Director of Data Science & AI, BSI

    DataRobot Democratizes AI with Automation and Guardrails

    The power of machine learning is now available to everyone, and with DataRobot you can learn the basics of automated model deployment, management, and monitoring. Watch this recording to discover how our built-in guardrails prevent many machine learning errors.

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    DataRobot University – Business Analyst Program

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