Data Preparation

Visually and interactively explore, combine, and shape diverse datasets into data ready for machine learning and AI applications at enterprise scale.

The Fastest Way to Prepare Data

Data is the fuel that drives AI innovation. Unleashing its benefits across the enterprise depends on immediate self-service access to any data, as well as empowering not just highly skilled data scientists and data engineers but every analyst and citizen data scientist.

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The Complete Guide to the DataRobot AI Platform

Self-Service Data Preparation for Everyone

As an integral part of the platform, DataRobot Data Prep enables both novice and expert users to quickly and interactively explore, profile, clean, enrich and shape diverse data into AI assets ready for machine learning model development and deployment.

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Acceleration Through AI Assistance

With DataRobot Data Prep, the data preparation process is dramatically accelerated through the highly intuitive and visual point-and-click interface. Furthermore, embedded algorithms provide users with AI assistance throughout data preparation activities to automatically profile, cluster, and clean data, accelerating the time it takes to prepare and shape the data.

Enterprise-Grade Data Preparation

DataRobot provides the industry’s first and most complete, end-to-end AI platform to accelerate value with AI from raw data to ROI. DataRobot Data Prep is tightly integrated into the DataRobot AI platform, providing self-service data preparation not only for skilled data scientists and data engineers but also for business analysts and citizen data scientists alike.

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